Monday, 8 June 2009

Mellow Yellow - Brighton Beach

Sitting on Brighton beach in the evening light

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  1. People these days seem to take quite a bit of stuff with them to the beach. When I lived on the coast ( 3 different places) I used to take a towel and perhaps a kite.
    Leeds in Yorkshire Photography

  2. Great shot....a perfect mellow the soft light and shadow playing in the foreground...

  3. I wish I was sitting on a beach somewhere.

  4. That beach looks nice. Love the yellow chairs. Happy MYM!

  5. Great pic Hilly Billy!

    I had a really great time in Brighton a couple of weeks ago, the beach truly rocked... x

  6. Lovely shot... I love Brighton, but not been down for a while now.

    My youngest is just finishing off her uni days there..


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