Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Brighton Pier

For the next few days I'm going to post a few images from Brighton Pier.

It's a bit of a crazy place and you have to be in the mood. But visitors as well as residents like to give it a go from time to time.

You'll find deckchairs, fish and chips, doughnuts, scary rides, beer - a whole collection of British seaside past and present.

To kick things off, here are two girls enjoying one of the covered rides on offer.


  1. I have not been on a pier in quite a few years. I lived at the seaside more than once, but now am very landlocked.
    Paul Leeds Photo Daily

  2. Great shots, Hilary. The pier sounds like my kind of fun!

  3. Hello Hilary - thanks for visiting my blog (and helping me to find yours).
    Yes, thank God Brighton is not far from Glyndebourne - it is where you flee to often if you work on a production :)

    I love the above 'Pier' photo with the gull - and the people doing the joy rides - and your header is gorgeous, too!


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