Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Open Road - 2 Things Challenge

Opening a bag with one hand and driving with another can be dangerous; proceeding to take a photo while you're driving is madness; doing all this in a blizzard, well, it's asking for it!

But last April in Brighton we had one day of freak weather. Just as we thought summer was on its way, we had a day like this. And I couldn't let the day pass without a 'road photo' so I snapped this as I was driving home along the A27.

I really must just get on with life and stop thinking, 'that'll make a good photo!'

Part of the 2 Things Photo Challenge - this is for the 'Open Road' week.


  1. I nearly always now carry camera everywhere. You do not always have to look for photo op, sometimes it just comes.

  2. This makes me shiver just looking at it. I could never take my hands off the wheel or my eyes off the road. I would never live it down if something were to happen ...

  3. I know, it was stupid :(
    I got away with it but shalln't be doing it again!

  4. At least you lived to tell the tale! The 'that'll make a good photo' though gets worse, believe me!

  5. I had to lol about thinking everything would make a good photo! I do that all the time! Glad I found your blog since my NZ hubby is from Brighton!


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