Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Red Door

I spotted this beautiful garden gate on one of my strolls through Brighton. You can look through the heart into their front courtyard garden and then beyond to their front door. What a lovely way to enter the house.


  1. Now that is a clever photo!

  2. What a pretty shot!
    I love doors, and I can't help taking photos of them. Great idea.
    I HEART doors :-)))

  3. This is a lovely photograph and such a good idea for a series. I wonder if it is based on Fengshui?

  4. Bettyl - thanks for your comment!
    Fio - maybe we should start the 'Tuesday Door' or something similar!
    Hi Julie, the design might be based on Fengshui. Nice idea about the series . . .

  5. I love (excuse the pun) this photo. really well spotted.

  6. I love a red door!
    What a fun photo.


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