Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The Deckchairs

Relaxing in a well-used deckchair on a warm Spring day! No matter that they're really not that comfortable and rather narrow for many people. It's tradition - and Brighton beach has many of those :)


  1. What a great shot! The beach area is quite different than Florida, though. It must be hard to lay upon those rocks...

    But Brighton is so gorgeous!

    Thanks very much for coming by Ocala DP!

  2. Hi Jacob, I crept up from behind to take this shot. Most people sit on the stones; some bring blankets; some have their own chairs. Often people pop to the beach on their way home from shopping so it's a quick sit down and then home!

  3. ahhhhhhh. that's my favorite picture of the day :-)

  4. Hi Hilary, welcome to CDPB. Its good to have another UK one to add to the ranks :)

    Love your photos, all that's missing from this one is the knotted hankie!

  5. Hi Marley, haven't seen a knotted hanky for many years but I'll certainly keep my eyes open from now on!

  6. Hi Hilary, just noticed you on Marley's DP. Compared to the US we are a small band on CDP but we are growing! So, hello and welcome.
    I have not been to brighton for many years, but used to live in London, Surrey, Hants and Kent.
    Paul - Leeds Photo Daily

  7. A belated welcome to the CDP. This reminds me of those British saucy postcards that I still find here. It can be tough posting everyday, have fun and just enjoy.


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