Sunday, 12 April 2009

Gong Showers

Brighton Beach is a wonderful combination of the old British seaside vibe - rock, beach balls, ice cream etc - and the new world of healing, feel good, alternative arts.

The practioner of the 'Gong Shower' was a very friendly, positive woman. Thank you for letting me photograph your poster and when you get your website up and running, send me your link!


  1. Now that's something I've never heard of! Have you tried it?

    Welcome to the CDPB community! Hope you enjoy photoblogging as much as I do :)

    Love your header shot! Makes me wish I was there with the dog (yours?)!

  2. Thanks Hilda for being my first commentator! And yes, that is our dog. Her name is Georgie :)

  3. Hilary, I love the bright colors of the Gong Showers sign, have you tried this yet? Welcome to the City Daily family!

  4. I haven't tried this yet! Looks very interesting though!

  5. It looks interesting, perhaps, but my ears ring anyway--I would wonder what they would feel like after.

  6. I had a gong shower courtesy of the lovely Colin and Olive.. it was frankly amazing. They are really nice people and doing great work.. I really felt alive afterwards and I for the record, i'm not a hippy. My advice; Try it!


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