Wednesday, 27 May 2009

ABC Wednesday - S for Seed

Mark and I are experimenting this summer with planting some crops. This patch had a little disruption a few weeks ago on account of the honeysuckle collapsing and me planting a plum tree in its place. It means that some of the seeds got mixed up and my tidy rows are now all higgledy piggledy.

This I believe is a courgette plant still with the seed attached and I'll need to give it a bit more space very soon. We've also planted radishes, tomatoes, carrots, runner beans, red peppers, strawberries and blackberries as well as our new plum tree.

Our plot is not big but hopefully we've used the space wisely. Below you can see the cane barrier that protects the seeds from our dogs. The picture also gives you some idea of the size of our outdoor space. This is why Georgie and Jessie get such good walks every day - there's just enough room for a pee and awhatsit, a lay out in the sunshine and a gentle wrestle as the photo shows! But playing ball and being exercised? No, not enough space for that!
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  1. It is surprising what thing you get grow in quite a small space, just needs some thought.
    Plums are good, a friend has one and there are quite a few to go round.
    Leeds Photography

  2. good luck with the vegatables - hopefully you'll get to eat your own produce in due course.

  3. ooo ... keep us aprised of how your veggie garden goes. You have planted just so much. I tried tomatoes this summer just gone, but found I had way too much fruit for one person.

  4. I love the look of that new shoot's dressed in 'spring green'....and love the pots on your patio sunning themselves...two nice shots...

  5. Good luck with your garden! What fun -

  6. good luck with your garden ! It looks like you are off to a good start. Great S post btw.


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