Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Ice Cream Van

When I was a child (60s/70s), the Ice Cream Van used to be a very familiar sound in our area. The tune they played as they drove around the streets was always well known, usually an old English folk song, and all the children would rush out of their houses and queue up to be served.

They're not so common now - but probably more so in different parts of the country.

I always have a '99' - ie. whipped ice cream with a chocolate flake :) In fact what the people in the photo are having. Yum!


  1. Nice photo Hilary. The van that visits my road plays Greensleeves.

  2. Mr Whippy regularly visited the streets of South East London during the 70's. My favourite was an ‘oyster’ with extra nuts and strawberry sauce. Funny - Wouldn’t dream to eat it now. Thanks for the memory!

    Btw Two Brits are coming out here to start an ice cream van business

  3. I remember an Oyster but never tried it! Wish those Brits luck in Abu Dhabi. Might do very well.

  4. A 99 is the only thing to have from an ice cream van!


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