Thursday, 28 May 2009

Carousel - Brighton Seafront

This Carousel is a very popular attraction on Brighton Seafront - whatever the weather! This was a particularly grey day but the children don't mind :)


  1. What a great photo! I love carousels, and I love Brighton - happy childhood memories!

  2. Do you think Floridians, or the Spanish or Italians would take photos
    to show off their country or town to the world on a cold day with everyone, even children at play wrapped up to the ears,after what appears a rain shower?

    It can get cold, and it can rain and have storms in those places, but showing it would not attract visitors to advertise it.

    The British have no imagination in the 'selling' department.

  3. Ray, I am not 'selling' Brighton as you call it simply posting my photography on a blog. The UK is a fantastic country with, it has to be agreed, unreliable weather. That's the beauty! Sun and shade - darkness and light - it's what our world is about. Daily sunshine is not reality for the UK. I want to show a balanced view of Brighton and hopefully my photos do this.

  4. Ray,

    Can I wade in here. City Daily Photos, the community Hilary and I belong too is just that. One a day image, good bad or indifferent of our individual area. We are neither promoting or not promoting the places we photograph and live. Some people have constant sunshine, rain or snow. Others slightly more pressing concerns like War and vote rigging. These are their daily issues and therefore included as a daily photo not to promote or run down their city just an honest snapshot of their world today.Hilary is absolutely spot on for me with her aims and the whole ethos of City Daily Photo. Balance the whole story not the edited highlights.

    A fellow CDP blogger.


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