Sunday, 3 May 2009

Artists Open Houses in Brighton Festival

Over the first four weekends of May, one thousand artists and makers show their work in more than 200 homes around Brighton and Hove.

The Artists Open Houses festival sees houses, gardens and studios across the city of Brighton and Hove and surrounding area turned into impromptu galleries - some with cafes attached. Many houses are grouped in trails to make it easy to walk from one to another.

This is part of the Brighton Festival, a month of parades, gigs, serious theatre, street theatre - basically loads of amazingly creative goings on. I shall be posting some images over the next few days.

By the way this is the 43rd Brighton Festival. It all kicked off in 1966 and it seems to be stronger and funkier than ever :)


  1. 43 Brighton must be one of the earliest in the UK. We have one in Saltaire, here in Yorkshire and it started in 2003, one of my friends was one of the driving forces behind it.
    Bradford used to have a good one but the council decided they wanted more control, gave it to a commercial company and then a couple of years later axed it.
    Leeds Photo Daily

  2. Sounds wonderful...wish I could come!

  3. This sounds so fun! I've never heard of anything like this in the places I've lived here in the US. Looking forward to seeing more photos.

  4. I saw your comment about 100 Strangers on Saretta's Molfetta blog. Three of us started a communal Strangers blog Down-under at the beginning of the year. We have made tremendous progress both photography wise and also shyness wise. I recommend this method to you.


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