Saturday, 9 May 2009

Scenic Sunday - our local dog walk

This is a place in East Brighton where we walk regularly. It's on the edge of the South Downs with the English Channel in the distance.

It was a beautiful August day when everything was right with the world :)

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  1. So lovely! I've only ever seen soft headlands filled with wild flowers in the south of England. Wish I was there!

    Thanks for your comment earlier! I had no idea my music had that effect on dogs! I've only ever had guinea pigs and they never seemed to "hear" music :D

  2. Great photo! Makes me want to be there. I love the countryside.

  3. Wow It's vast and is a beautiful place.
    Great photo!

  4. I love how you incorporate your dog in your photos, these are outstanding.

    Regina In Pictures

  5. This must be my maiden comment post to your blog.

    Your picture is calm and pleasing. Your idyllic land is not like ours where they're mostly rocky, stony and unarable.

    I love those wild flowers and the greens, the enviable greens.

    If that is Georgie, I bet she is enjoying her doggy stroll.

    Happy Mother's Day to you, if you are one. If not, maybe you can shout it to your Mom.

    Just in case, I may feature you in my new blog: My Blog Comment. It will take me time to do it though. Just watch it out, please!


  6. That looks like a grand place for a walk with or without a dog

  7. Looks like a great place to walk the dogs. I also have a golden retriever and have lots of photos just like this with beautiful scene plus rear end of golden retriever!

  8. I really like the way you captured the dog ahead of you. He looks curious!

  9. I like how Georgie is leading the way! That is a beautiful spot :)

  10. What a wonderfully peaceful scene! Great capture!

  11. Serene and inviting shot you have there. thanks for sharing it with us.


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